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Workplace Mediation?

We are all different, and as such, wherever people work together, conflict is inevitable but with the right intervention at the right time it can be quickly resolved before it becomes an issue.

Adopting a “nip it in the bud” approach before the issue escalates and becomes a costly and timely problem taking up excessive managerial and HR time is the key to successful workplace mediation. It’s often described as a form of alternative or informal dispute resolution as it’s less formal than grievance and discipline procedures and employment tribunals. 


The aim of mediation is to allow all parties to speak confidently in a safe and secure environment and to encourage a mutual understanding in how to improve working relationships. It focuses on trying to address underlying causes of conflict and has a win/win emphasis, supporting both sides of a dispute to find solutions that are acceptable to each side. It therefore encourages more positive outcomes in the workplace than more traditional adversarial formal processes which are therefore more likely to be adhered to in the short and long term.


Mediation can help resolve disputes in a number of scenarios including but not limited to:

  • Management styles

  • Conflict arising from poor communication

  • Unclear role boundaries

  • Different working styles

  • Personality clashes 

  • Managerial conflicts either between each other or with shareholders

  • Family conflict in family businesses

  • Issues relating to harassment or bullying

  • Employment Disputes


For the individuals involved, mediation can:

  • Help parties involved in conflict to hold open and honest conversations that would normally be too difficult to have

  • Help parties to understand and empathise with each other’s emotions and situations

  • Explore all parties’ issues and concerns and use joint problem-solving to find a solution that each side feels is fair

  • Encourage communication and establish workable relationships

  • Help participants develop the skills to resolve workplace difficulties for themselves in future


For businesses involved, mediation can:

  • Provide a quick resolution 

  • Address low morale 

  • Reduce absenteeism

  • Reduce stress in the workplace

  • Increase productivity

  • Reduce the affect on the wider team 

  • Improve retention rates

  • Reduce the risk of reputation damage

If you think that workplace mediation could help you and would like to find out more information, please contact us through our Contact page and we will be more than happy to discuss our services with you further.

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