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Terry Griffin

With over 30 years experience as a solicitor and business adviser, Terry uses a clear structured and professional approach to the mediation process. He is personable, down-to-earth and prepared to go the extra mile to help bring about solutions to the parties problems. Terry is highly motivated with excellent communication skills and a good listener which enable him to build rapport and trust. His legal experience has given him the ability to understand complex facts and issues quickly.


During his extensive legal career Terry covered many areas of civil/commercial litigation including:

  • Contractual disputes

  • Professional negligence claims

  • Director shareholder disputes

  • Personal injury claims including those who have suffered life changing injuries as a  result of accidents

  • Employment disputes

  • Health and safety defence and investigations

  • Agricultural disputes for and on behalf of the NFU and its membership base

  • Injunctive relief and asset freezing

  • Search and seizure applications

  • Multi track litigation, including claims within the Chancery and mercantile court


Terry also has a keen interest in the area of contentious probate disputes.


Terry is personable, direct and solution driven.

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Specialising In:

  • Contract disputes

  • Professional negligence

  • Personal injury

  • Debt claims

  • H&S issues

  • Land and Boundary disputes

  • Neighbour problems

  • Defamation

  • Copyright and Intellectual Property rights

  • Building disputes

  • Consumer grievances

  • Business partners and shareholders disputes

  • Landlord and tenant disputes

  • Planning disputes

  • Inheritance, trusts and probate disputes

  • Clinical Negligence

  • Employment disputes

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