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A child or young person with Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) may require additional support through an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP). 


Mediation can help settle any disputes with your local authority over your child's education, health and care plan (EHC). If you want to challenge a decision that’s been made, mediation is your first stop before considering an appeal to the first tier tribunal. It’s an opportunity to get all parties together to resolve any issues early. 

Mediation can take place following decisions by a local authority:

  • Not to carry out an EHC needs assessment

  • Not to draw up an EHC plan, after they receive a final EHC plan or amended plan

  • Following a decision not to amend an EHC plan or

  • If a decision to cease to maintain an EHC plan is made

This is a chance to talk face-to-face with someone from your local authority with the help of an impartial mediator. Mediation aims to improve communication and understanding by bringing both parties together and helping them find an early solution that everyone agrees with. This may prevent the need for a tribunal.

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