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What Is Mediation?

Mediation is a highly effective, flexible, voluntary, and confidential form of alternative dispute resolution in which a neutral third party, the mediator, assists parties to work towards a negotiated settlement of their dispute.


Throughout the process the parties retain control of the decision whether or not to settle and on what terms and therefore, unlike a judge or jury, the mediator will not decide the case on its merits but will use their skills at identifying and exploring the issues which may be sticking points to a deal and work with both parties to facilitate an agreement that both are content with.


The mediation process allows for a win/win scenario rather than the traditional court win/lose outcome. Commercial, Civil and Workplace mediators in the UK are specially trained and accredited, so they are ideally placed to help both parties resolve the dispute and start to move forward.


Why Choose Mediation?

The benefits of mediation are widespread and offer both personal and commercial benefits. By settling disputes quickly and efficiently individuals and business will:

  • Remain in control – you still “get your day in court” and can determine the outcome - YOU are fully involved in YOUR process to gain YOUR settlement.

  • Be involved in a less formal and more humane and constructive approach to resolving the dispute

  • Know that nothing said/discussed/offered during the mediation process can then be used in court if a settlement cannot be reached – therefore why not give it a try, it cannot disadvantage a potential legal case

  • Start from an open-minded position. Participants who come to mediation in good faith are highly likely to reach settlement, avoiding the need for court proceedings. 

  • Provide an environment for a “Win/Win” outcome which is the socially intelligent outcome

  • Have the opportunity to resurrect partnerships/relationships before they become damaged beyond repair

  • Be able to influence a quick resolution leading to less time wasted

  • Reduce the cost of disputes – mediation a significantly cheaper alternative to the court process.

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