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Richard Jordan

Richard's background is legal, working as a barrister for many years, specialising in criminal defence. This was based in London. For the past 8 years Richard has been a member of the employed bar working as Company Secretary for a Leicester property firm.  As well as his legal experience Richard has extensive experience of working with vulnerable people at HMP Leicester, a teacher at specialist schools for your people with emotional and behavioural disorders, (often combined with other special needs such as Autism and ADHD) and at present, supporting people who have experienced severe mental health difficulties re-integrating and living in the community.

The above has enabled Richard to have a very wide experience of the tribulations of life from homicide to a multi-million pound building disputes. Richard has been involved with problem solving from cases in the Court of Appeal to the Crown Court to seemingly minor problems in schools and in HMP Leicester that to the individuals concerned were very serious indeed.  In order to do this Richard had to be able to deal with a very wide range of people from highly demanding High Court Judges to the most timorous needy special needs child.  Richard's professional record confirms he is able to do this with tact, empathy and fairness which makes him an ideal individual to mediate on a wide range of issues.

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